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Jump in the Jumpy House CD

Mr. David's First Album
Released 2004


Kids in the Sun (Listen)
Reach Up (Listen)
Baba Black Sheep (Listen)
There's a Grizzly Bear Behind You, Run! (Listen)
Old MacDonald Had a Farm (Listen)
Yum (Listen)
ABCs (Listen)
African Spirit Walk (Listen)
Old King Cole (Listen)
I've Been Working on the Railroad (Listen)
Paint the Color Blue (Listen)
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Listen)
Itsy Bitsy Spider (Listen)
Sing Scales (Grow Like a Tree) (Listen)
Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Listen)
Black Cat (Listen)
Oh! Susanna


In his self-titled, debut album, Mr. David’s First Album, children's musician and entertainer, Mr. David, brings together a bit of the old and a bit of the new in a unique collection of songs that take their inspiration from the classic children's music we all grew up with and love.

With great American folk classics like "I've Been Working on the Railroad" done as a guitar instrumental to allow children to use their imagination in creating visuals for the music, "Oh! Susanna" played with a harmonica that brings out the songs' country roots, and a simple, unique arrangement of "Old McDonald Had a Farm" that makes kids laugh out loud and ask their parents to play it over and over again, Mr. David taps into the warm, comforting feelings of America's golden, pioneering age.

He combines these classics with old world tunes like "Old King Cole," its mandolin rhythms and deep vocals reminiscent of medieval Europe, and newer, African-drum inspired tracks like, "African Spirit Walk." The song list reaches across decades and countries to introduce children to some of our best-loved classics and the diverse musical sounds of different genres and styles.

Even the newer, original songs have a simple, old feel about them. His original, Johnny Cash/Beatles-influenced tune "Yum" pulls together a cacophony of instruments and vocals into a raucously fun tune that is a bit of "Yellow Submarine" and a Shel Silverstein-inspired rock n' roll kids band — pots, pans, the kitchen sink and all.

He strums his classical guitar through the achingly sweet lullaby, "Paint the Color Blue," expressing the desire all parents must feel in wanting the best for their children. And, sings a haunting melody in "Black Cat" which is just scary enough to give the kids goose bumps without keeping them up at night.

"With this first album, I wanted to focus on melodies and rhythms that tap into the roots of children's music and touch on the original meanings of some of these songs. I really tried to bring out the warm, homespun sentiment of a time when things were simple-biscuits and honey and tractors on the farm. These songs are important, because they express who we are and remind us of where we came from."

The album is fun for kids and speaks to them in a voice that is down to earth and real. Each songs is played with age-appropriate melodies and lyrics that are mature enough to keep adults from pulling out their hair when their child asks to hear it over and over again. It may be his first recording, but Mr. David's First Album, taps into something very special that touches the heart of us all with its truly original sound for the entire family.


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