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Jump in the Jumpy House CD


Released 2007


Crocodiles Are Hungry (Listen)
Hey! It's Lunchtime (Listen)
Miss Pila (Listen)
Jump in the Jumpy House (Listen)
She's a Good Dog (Listen)
Ragtime Honey (Listen)
The Stars Are Grains of Sugar (Listen)
Them Devils (Listen)
Little Girl (Listen)
Cabin Blues (Listen)
Exit Zoo (Listen)

Jump in the Jumpy House is the latest CD for Mr. David and a follow-up to the award-winning, The Great Adventures of Mr. David, which was named one of the country's Top 10 Albums for Kids and Families in 2006.

Jump in the Jumpy House shows once again that music for kids can be original, deeply entertaining and simply rock'n. Mr. David lives up to his reputation as “the champion of imagination and observation.” His beat-poet style and stream-of-consciousness lyrics are backed by solid musicianship that features catchy melodies, bold guitars, beat-driven bass lines and solid back beats. As the album unfolds, each song (in classic Mr. David style) challenges the listener to take another look at the world, from the monkeys in the zoo to the stars in the cosmos.

“I don’t ever want to make the same album twice. I went into the studio hearing new beats that were so different from the folk sound of The Great Adventures. I couldn’t wait to get them down. I’m psyched about the results because I think we created an album that will get the entire family dancing.”

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